Internazionale.Doc Jury 2018

Fabrizio Ferraro
(Rome, Italy) is an Italian director and screenwriter. He devoted himself to photography and organized film meetings and retrospectives. In 2006 he published Breviary of Amateur Audiovisual Aesthetics - Nature, Image, Ethics. Between 2006 and 2008 he realized a tetralogy of film studies on amateur film. Among his works: Le variazioni del signor Quodlibet, film studio in III variazioni (2006), Je suis Simone (La condition ouvrière) (2009), which received a Special Mention at the 27th Torino Film Festival, Piano sul pianeta (malgrado tutto, coraggio Francesco!) (2010), Ethos (2011, K), Penultimo paesaggio (2011), Quatre nuits d’un étranger (2013), Wenn aus dem Himmel (2015), Sebastiano (2016), Colossale sentimento (2016), Les unwanted de Europa (2018).

Narimane Mari
(Algiers, Algeria, 1969), producer and director, she began her professional life in Paris, working with communication agencies and art galleries. In 2001, she produced her first film, L’arpenteur by Eléonore Petit. Since 2006, she produces, within the film production company Centrale Electrique, films of directors and artists engaged in modern history. In 2010, she founded in Algeria Allers Retours Films on the same editorial line. In 2015 she produced Fi rassi rond-point by Hassen Ferhani, then awarded as Best Documentary in Torino. Her filmography as a director includes Prologue (2007), Scholars in the Land of Islam, Bloody Beans (2013), Le fort des fous (2017). The latter two films were presented at the Torino Film Festival.

Pablo Sigg
(Mexico City, Mexico, 1974) is a Mexican-Swiss filmmaker, founder of SIGGFILM. He has written, produced and directed Der Wille zur Macht (2013), which will be screened at TTF this year, and I, of Whom I Know Nothing (2014). Since 2010 he has worked on Lamaland - Part I (2018), premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, a three-part fiction project made entirely in Nueva Germania, Paraguay, with Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, the last direct descendants of the Aryan colony founded by Friedrich Nietzsche’s sister in the South of the Amazonia at the end of the 19th century.