Ialiana.Corti Jury 2018

Daniele Catalli 
(Rome, Italy, 1979) is an artist, illustrator, author, set designer, designer, and fencer. He creates installations, record covers, sets, posters, exhibits, prints, and games. He helped found and collaborates with various collectives, including Monkey Studio Edizioni, the editor of the pataphysical journal “Krakatoa.” He is a member of Le Stanze Segrete, a company for performances which straddle theatre and illustrations. His first children’s book, La battaglia delle rane e dei topi, won the 2018 Albums Jeunesse Prize in Paris. 

Gabriele di Nunzio  
(Naples, Italy, 1972) studied photography and film editing techniques in London. From 1995 to 2005, he participated and collaborated at various theatrical seminars and laboratories at the “Fratellini” Circus School, Marcel Marceau’s World of Mime Theatre in Paris, and with Mamadou Dioume at the Peter Brook International Center for Theatre, among others. In 2016, he created the association Les Film Fragiles, to self-produce shorts and research documentaries. His films Riviera 91 (2009) and Occhio di vetro cuore non dorme (2011) won the Kodak Short Film Award at the Torino Film Festival. 

Jukka Reverberi
(Cavriago, Reggio Emilia, Italy) is the guitarist and vocalist of Giardini di Mirò, a band which has been well known in Europe since the late 1990s and which has made a name for itself for its sound, which combines post-rock, cinematographic moods, electronic music, and more. They collaborate with the National Cinema Museum, creating soundtracks for silent movies, and helped update the soundtracks of The Fire by Giovanni Pastrone and Satan’s Rhapsody by Nino Oxilia. He writes music for documentaries and provide soundtracks for advertising.