The winners of the Collateral Awards of TFF36

01 December 2018
This evening the Collateral Awards of this 36th Edition of Torino Film Festival will be assigned during a ceremony held at Cinema Reposi.

Find here below the name and their motivations.

Scuola Holden Award – Storytelling & Performing Arts

The jury, composed by the students of the College of Cinema, assigns the award for

Best Script Torino 36 to:
ROSSZ VERSEK / BAD POEMS by Gábor Reisz (Hungary)
With the following motivation
The film can use with delicacy all its temporal lines in a story that alternates brilliance and spontaneity. And he, Gábor, is also a good actor.

second place:
DEN SKYLDIGE / THE GUILTY by Gustav Möller (Denmark, 2018).

Achille Valdata Award

The Jury, composed by Elena Brizzi, Danila Giancipoli, Elena Merlo, Gian Luca Pisacane, Vittorio Sabatini, Alessandro Sapelli, Maria Grazia Tassone, readers of “Torino 7,” assigns the award to:

DEN SKYLDIGE / THE GUILTY by Gustav Möller (Denmark)
With the following motivation:
For an unconventional suspense construction that nails the viewer between two rooms and a corridor.

AVANTI award

The Jury of AVANTI (Agenzia Valorizzazione Autori Nuovi Tutti Italiani) composed by Giulia Esposito, Alessandro Uccelli, Andrea Zanoli, assigns the award to:

ROSSZ VERSEK/ BAD POEMS by Gábor Reisz (Hungary)

With the following motivation
It shows us how the cinematic imagery can still tell the complexity of the human soul and its contradictions, following with self-irony the red thread of memory that is twisted in an unresolved present.

Ghandi's Glasses Award

The jury of this seventh edition of the “Gli occhiali di Ghandi” Award, composed by Loredana Arcidiacono, Giorga Bettuzzi, Dario Carlo Cambiano, Tosca Giorcelli, Nora Marcatto, Emanuele Negro, Pietro Saporiti, Stephan Wenninger,  assigns the award to:

DOVE BISOGNA STARE by Daniele Gaglianone (Italy)

With the following motivation
Because it indicates how awareness and commitment are fundamental in overcoming conflicts.
Because it teaches us that hospitality and altruism become a growth experience for both parties.
For having illuminated a female universe where, with total simplicity, people welcomed beyond ideologies.


DEN SKYLDIGE / THE GUILTY by Gustav Möller (Denmark)

With the following motivation
For the delicacy that the director had towards the viewer, avoiding any ostension of physical violence. For the awareness and gesture of courage of the protagonist who, by recognizing his faults, can empathize with the other aggressor. For having used the dialogue as the only cathartic instrument in the resolution of a conflict.

The award ceremony of the VIII edition of "Gli occhiali di Gandhi" will take place at the Teatro Nuovo, Sala Vantino 1 at 4pm today. Following will be the screening of the rough cut of Non è una cena di gala, the first Italian film about the history of nonviolence, realized with the young actors of the Liceo Coreutico Germana Erba.

Interfedi Award

The jury of Interfedi, promoted by the Valdese church along with the Comunità Ebraica di Torino, with the patronage of Comitato Interfedi della Città di Torino, composed by Carlotta Monge (Valdese Church), David Sorani (Comunità Ebraica) e Beppe Valperga (Comitato Interfedi), assigns the sixth edition of "Premio Interfedi – Award for the respect of minorities and secularity” to the film:

by Guillaume Senez (Belgium/France)

With the following motivation
It treats with delicacy the path of a unionist father who, forced by the abandonment of his wife to take responsibility for his children, learns to respect the needs of those close to him, no longer putting himself on a selfish level and remaining faithful to his values, on the background of the problematic reality of today's world of work.

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