The reruns of this 36th Torino Film Festival

20 June 2019
The reruns of the awarded films of this 36th Torino Film Festival, and the films scheduled to pays tribute to Bernardo Bertolucci, starting at 2.00pm in the three theaters at Cinema Massimo.

Admission will be granted to ticket holders full Festival passes and accreditation. Pass and accreditation holders shall comply with gray screening rules. Tickets instead will be available at the ticket office outside Cinema Massimo starting at 1pm on Sunday morning.


h. 3.45pm
ATLAS by David Nawrath (Germany, 2018) - Torino 36

h. 5.45pm
DEN SKYLDIGE / THE GUILTY by Gustav Möller (Denmark, 2018) - Torino 36

h. 7.30pm
WILDLIFE by Paul Dano (USA, 2018) - Torino 36

h. 9.45pm
NOS BATAILLES by Guillaume Senez (Belgium/France, 2018) - Torino 36


h. 3.30pm
IN QUESTO MONDO by Anna Kauber (Italy, 2018) - Italiana.doc

h. 5.30pm
ULTIMA CASSA di Elettra Bisogno (Italy, 2018) - Italiana.corti

HOMO BOTANICUS by Guillermo Quintero (Colombia/France, 2018) - Internazionale.doc

h. 8.00pm
TEMPORADA by André Novais Oliveira (Brazil, 2018) - Torino 36

h. 10.15pm
ROSSZ VERSEK / BAD POEMS by Gábor Reisz (Hungary, 2018) - Torino 36


h. 2.00pm
NOVECENTO by Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy/France/Germany, 1976)

h. 7.45pm
IL CONFORMISTA by Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy/France/Germany,1970)

h. 10.00pm
IO BALLO DA SOLA by Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy/France/UK, 1996)