Torino 36: Marche ou crève by Margaux Bonhomme

01 December 2018
On Thursday, November 29th, the film in competition Marche ou crève by Margaux Bonhomme (France 2018) was presented.

Diane Rouxel, the main actress, intervened at the press conference. "My character is trying to weave relationships on the outside but is increasingly locked up in herself until her mother leaves," said the actress.

Diane plays the role of a girl full of life and eager for independence but who has to deal with the older sister suffering from physical and mental problems.

Press conferenze of Marche ou crève

The director's way of working is very particular. Give chance to improvisation. "It was very interesting. Before we started we found ourselves for two weeks and we repeated each scene improvising, "continued the actress.
"She listened to me very much. I felt free, even if the story is inspired by what she lived"

Presentation of Marche ou crève

Elisa is an enthusiastic and hotheaded teenager who’s hoping to enjoy her last summer at home in Vercors, in South-West France, before moving away and striking out on her own. But the one to move out ends up being her mother, leaving Elisa and her father to take care of Elisa’s older sister, Manon, who has mental and physical disabilities. The ever-increasing weight of this burden pushes Elisa from love to hate and to the verge of losing herself and ground.