Torino 36: Rossz Versek/Bad Poems by Gàbor Reisz

30 November 2018
On Thursday, November 29th, the film in competition Rossz Versek / Bad Poems by Gábor Reisz (Hungary 2018) was presented.

The film is a comedy, although initially it was meant to be a film noir. "I changed my mind and reworked the treatment. I understood that I should make a very personal film. And I brought my life behind me, "said the directora

Press conference of Rossz Versek/Bad Poems

"In your life, when things that create problems happen, everyone reacts in his own way: I write. This film can be seen as a self-analysis," Reisz continued.

Presentation of Rossz Versek/Bad Poems

Thirty-three-year-old Tamás has just had his heart shattered by his girlfriend, Anna. He tries to process his sorrow by recalling his childhood memories and trying to understand this happened to him. The memories erupting inside Tamás and it seems that his present suffering is a consequence of events from the past.