Torino 36: Oiktos/Pity by Babis Makridis

29 November 2018
The film in competition Oiktos / Pity by Babis Makridis (Greece, Poland 2018) was presented Wednesday, November 28th

Can you be happy only when you are unhappy? This is the main question that arises the Babis Markidis film, a refined dark comedy about the singular pain management.

Georgina Chryskioti, one of the actresses of the film, spoke at the press conference.
The protagonist of this film realizes that suffering is an indispensable condition for him to be in the world. "

Press Conference of Oiktos/Pity

"It's sad story, with a hard end to accept. I first had difficulty with this film, because the director is convinced that the actors should be free to move on the set, this has displaced me, "continued the actress.

A metaphor of the deep Greek crisis?
"I think the Greek authors want to reflect on contemporary society, not just in Greece. Because it's not just about the economic crisis, there seems to be a deeper crisis affecting values, "concluded Chryskioti.

Presentation of Oiktos/Pity

A man of about forty-five, the Lawyer, lives with his teenage son in a well-off home. His wife has been in a coma and has been in a private hospital for some time following an accident. The sadness caused by this event has become the Lawyer’s main and most vital element of life, giving him a sense of pleasure that becomes an addiction. His grief has also suddenly made everybody have compassion towards him. His life has never been better. Then, one day, something happens and changes his recently established everyday life of pity and sorrow.