Torino 36: Temporada (Long way home) by André Novais Oliveira

28 November 2018
The film in competition Temporada (Long way home) by André Novais Oliveira (Brazil 2018) was presented on Wednesday, November 28th.

During the press conference, director Andrè Novas Oliveira said he wanted to overcome the stereotype of the Brazilian suburbs. "I wanted to give an affective and affectionate look, that looks closely and with sharing"

Press conference of Temporada

The cast is a mix of professional and non-professional actors, there are also actors who have limited experience. Some are members of the director’s family, who had already played in his first film.

The family is at the center of the story: "The relationship between the protagonist and the family is important throughout the film: the past has conditioned relationships very much. This shows the reality of a typical relationship in Brazil between fathers and daughters "the director continued.

Presentation of Temporada

Juliana has just moved from her hometown to a bigger city to work for the public health disease eradication program. On her new job she meets people, makes friends and has new experiences that start changing her life. At the same time, she feels she is losing her husband left behind in the backlands.