The winners of the Collateral Awards of TFF35

02 December 2017
This evening the Collateral Awards of this 35th Edition of Torino Film Festival were assigned during a ceremony held at Cinema Reposi.
Find here below the name and their motivations:

Scuola Holden Award
Storytelling & Performing Arts
The jury, composed by the students of the College of Cinema, assigns the award for

Best Script Torino 35 to:

The Death of Stalin
by Armando Iannucci (France, UK, 2017).

With the following motivation:
“A surprising incursion, an unstoppable flow, sharp sarcasm and, towards the end, a painful after tone. Revisiting a terrible piece of history with a comic (almost British) twist, sustained by a classically compact script.”

Achille Valdata Award
The Jury, composed by Ilaria Ciravegna, Erica Cornaglia, Nicola Grande, Monica Mastandrea, Ivana Mecca, Marco Palpacelli, Alessia Scarsella, readers of “Torino 7,” assigns the award

Best Film in Torino 35 to:

THE DEATH OF STALIN by Armando Iannucci (France, UK, 2017).

With the following motivation:
“For having tackled a dramatic page of history with irony and cynicism.”

Premio Avanti
The Jury of AVANTI (Agenzia Valorizzazione Autori Nuovi Tutti Italiani) composed by Giulia Esposito, Alessandro Uccelli and Andrea Zanoli, assigns Premio Avanti 2017 to

AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME by Ram Nehari (Israel, France, Germany, 2017)

with the following motivation:
“For the ability of the author and his cast to recount a possible fairy tail of two messed up dreamers, built starting from a first hand experience with mental disease, through an immersive point of view, that abstains from judgment and reminds us, without giving up ironic and even dark tones, the thin line that separates “normal” from “illness.”

Ghandi's Glasses Award

The jury of this seventh edition of the “Gli occhiali di Ghandi” prize assigns the award ex aequo to:

TALIEN by Elia Mouatamid (Italy,2017)


BALON by Pasquale Scimeca (Italy, 2017).

With the following motivation:
“The forced journey escaping from Africa, and the voluntary one returning to Morocco, offer a complementary glance on a crucial theme that no European citizen can ignore. People, beloved ones, stories rendered with drama and lightness where too often we meet only numbers and stereotypes.”

Special Mention to:

A FÁBRICA DE NADA by Pedro Pinho (Portogallo, 2017).

With the following motivation:
”For having shown the hardship of an authentic democratic process that becomes a real opportunity for a common redefinition of values and of personal and social needs. A demonstration of film as tool of active change.”

Interfedi Award

The jury of Interfedi, promoted by the Valdese church along with the Comunità Ebraica di Torino, with the patronage of Comitato Interfedi della Città di Torino, composed by Carlotta Monge (Valdese Church), Anna Segre (Comunità Ebraica) and Beppe Valperga (Comitato Interfedi)

 assigns the fifth edition of "Premio Interfedi – Award for the respect of minorities and secularity” to the film:

À VOIX HAUTE / SPEAK-UP by Stéphane De Freitas (France, 2017)


With the following motivation:
“An act of faith towards the power of words, an instrument to overcome difficult moments and give hope for the future.”

Honorable mention to:

AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME by Ram Nehari (Israel/France/Germany, 2017).

With the following motivation:
“It skillfully highlights the encounter between two inconvenient situations, with an outstanding interpretation.”

Thank you to all of those who supported the 35th edition of Torino Film Festival.

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