The reruns of this 35th Torino Film Festival

02 December 2017
The reruns of the awarded films of this 35th Torino Film Festival, starting at 2.30pm in the three theaters at Cinema Massimo.

Admission will be granted to ticket holders full Festival passes and accreditation. Pass and accreditation holders shall comply with gray screening rules. Tickets instead will be available at the ticket office outside Cinema Massimo starting at 10.00am on Sunday morning.

Here the program:

  • at 2:30pm
A FABRICA DE NADA by Pedro Pinho (Torino 35)
  • at 5:45pm
KISS & CRY by Chloé Mahieu and Lila Pinell (Torino 35)
  • at 7:30pm
AL TISHKECHI OTI / DON’T FORGET ME di Ram Nehari (Torino 35)
  • at 10:00pm
À VOIX HAUTE / SPEAK-UP by Stéphane de Freitas (Torino 35)

  • at 3:30pm
BLUE SCREEN by Alessandro Arfuso e Riccardo Bolo (Italiana.corti)
TALIEN by Elia Mouatamid (TFFDoc/Italiana.doc)
  • at 5:30pm
DIORAMA by Demetrio Giacomelli (TFFDoc/Italiana.doc)
  • at 7:45pm
IDA by Giorgia Ruggiano (Italiana.corti)
M-1 by Luciano Pérez Savoy (TFFDoc/Internazionale.doc)
  • at 9:45pm
SANS ADIEU by Christophe Agou (TFFDoc/Internazionale.doc)

  • at 3:00pm
LORELLO E BRUNELLO by Jacopo Quadri (Torino 35)
  • at 5:00pm
CARLITO’S WAY by Brian De Palma (Brian De Palma)
  • at 10:00pm
THE FLORIDA PROJECT by Sean Baker (Festa mobile)
  • at 10:30pm
LES AFFAMES by Robin Aubert (After Hours)