Asia Argento and her passion for film at TFF35

02 December 2017
Yesterday Asia Argento's Master class at Torino Film Festival 2017. Asia had a one hour long meeting with Emanuela Martini in the conference hall of Museo della Radio e della Televisione di Torino in which she exposed her experience with film: her passion.

Asia Argento answers the questions of Torino Film Festival's director Emanuela Martini and talks freely about film and how much it's important in her life. « I always loved horror movies because I considered them as fairy tales and I do not have a favorite film. One of my father's favorite movies is Gone with the wind. I am not a reviewer, thus I'm instinctive when watching film. A film I particularly like is Freaks by Tod Browning. For me it conveys both tenderness and horror ».
The Actress and film director from Rome continues: « I feel different and this has been happening since I was five years old. Another film I like is Elephant Man. I love it because it also tells the story of diversity and nowadays it looks like diversity has disappeared, people who are different don't show themselves ».

The interview, conducted by Emanuela Martini, ended with a conciliating applause on behalf of the entire theater. Asia Argento offered Torino Film Festival a piece of her life, in which film appears to be the absolute protagonist.

Click here to watch the video of the interview