Lou Castel's Fists in the Pocket at Torino Film Festival

25 November 2016

“It's the result of a flirt that started in 2008. A relationship made of phone calls, travels, e-mails, proposals, aborted attempts, new solutions, great refusals (on behalf of Lou Castel) and determined persistence (on my behalf).” these are the words used by the director, Pierpaolo De Sanctis, himself in presenting his Fists in the Pocket (Italy, 2016, 74'). This documentary is fruit of “a 'direct creation' method, that has transformed the depth of acting from Historical acting into Dramatic acting of the present,” retracing Lou Castel's artistic parabola in Italy. An existence “trapped” in between two emblematic characters: Alessandro from Fists in the Pocket (1965) and Giovanni from The Eyes, the Mouth (1982), both directed by Marco Bellocchio. Set in Rome, suspended in between post-industrial architectures and Pasolini-style relics, the actor opens up to a long flow of (un)consciousness on the complexity and the contradictions of his role as actor and political activist, together.

The film, featured in the Italiana.doc section of the 34th Torino Film Festival, will be presented on Friday, November 25th at 10:00pm at Lux 2. At the end of the projection there will be a meeting with the director Pierpaolo De Sanctis and Lou Castel.