Intolerance got sold-out

24 November 2016

A hundred years after its first public screening, Intolerance (USA 1916, 35mm, 198') went completely sold-out at the 34th Torino Film Festival. Tickets for D.W. Griffith's blockbuster were sold out already a few days ago.

The film features four stories about intolerance and oppression spanning over two thousand years of history, from the fall of ancient Babylon to the United States in the 1910's, passing through Christ's Passion and the Huguenot massacre. Colossal and expensive, Intolerance, following The Birth of a Nation(1914) the epic and controversial fresco of the American Civil War that received noticeable appreciation from the audience, was Griffith's great fiasco. The film was re-evaluated only later by Pauline Kael, who defined it “one of the two or three most influential films ever made.”  Today, a Century later, it is still a visually and narratively astounding movie, also thanks to the 35mm copy version, newly restored by MoMa, which will be presented in this year's Torino Film Festival. The TFF audience will have the unique opportunity to watch the film on the big screen at Massimo 3 on Thursday, November 24th at 2:15pm.

D.W. Griffith is considered one of the founding fathers of American film and of classic cinematographic language. His movie is inserted in the Festa vintage section of this 34th Torino Film Festival, which is a small sub-section od Festa Mobile dedicated to birthdays, restored films, rediscovered movies from the past. The section also includes the tribute to David Bowie, featuring Nagisa Oshima'sFuryo, to Michael Cimino, with the restored version of The Deer Hunter, to the Garriba brothers, Mario and Fabio, with I parenti tutti, Voce del verbo morire andIn punto di morte. 

Click here to watch the video of the audience before the film. (GM)