Cipputi Award Jury

Francesco Tullio Altan (Treviso, Italy, 1942) studied architecture in Venice and in the late 1960s moved to Rome, where he was involved in making sets and writing screenplays for films and TV. He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1970 and in 1974 began collaborating with Italian newspapers. He returned to Italy in 1975, created Pimpa and published his first comic strips in “Linus.” Two years later, he created his most famous character, Cipputi. His satirical political cartoons are regularly published in “l’Espresso” and “la Repubblica.”

Claudio Carabba (Siena, Italy, 1943), journalist and film critic, has worked for various publications, including “La Nazione,” “Paese Sera” and “L’Europeo” as a special correspondent and as editor-in-chief for culture and entertainment. At present, he writes film reviews for the weekly “Sette” and collaborates with “Corriere fiorentino.” His books include Il cinema del ventennio nero (Vallecchi), Il fascismo a fumetti (Guaraldi) and Sogni proibiti, il cinema comico americano (Vallecchi). For Einaudi, he edited the Federico Fellini anthology, Racconti umoristici

Stefania Casini (Italy), actress, journalist, director and producer, has performed with directors such as Bertolucci, Greenaway, and Argento. After moving to New York in the mid-1970s, she appeared in Andy Warhol’s Bad (1976) by Jed Johnson and, with Francesca Marciano, directed Lontano da dove (1983). After returning to Italy, she directed Un paradiso di bugie (1997) and produced and directed the documentaries Schiaffo alla Mafia (2009), MADE IN Albania (2012), and Le acque segrete di Palermo (2014). She also created the installation Memorie perdute, part of the project on migrants, MARE NOSTRUM.