Italiana.Corti Jury 2017

Jacopo Incani
(Italia), a musician from Sardinia, he lives and works in Bologna. After playing in band Adharma, he started publishing on Myspace songs composed and played with the moniker IOSONOUNCANE. In 2010 he published for Trovarobato his first album, La macarena su Roma, followed in 2015 by DIE . He then began touring around Italy and abroad with a long and successful show, and in 2017 played at the festival Primavera Sound, in Barcelona.

Titta Cosetta Raccagni
(Italy) graduated in film history and got a filmmaking degree from Milan’s school Filmmaker. She has always been active with reports, documentaries, shorts, and visuals and has worked with Gabriele Salvatores, Alina Marazzi, Luca Bigazzi, Francesca Comenicini. Her short Manga Kissa (2011) was selected by Ridley Scott’s film Life in a Day, and in 2016 Diario blu(E) by Torino Film Festival. She is also part of the group of female filmmakers Le ragazze del porno, and actually works for the project Pornopoetica, both with video and performative art.

Virgilio Villoresi
(Italy) grew up surrounded by ballet, classical music, piano, and Avant-guard theater. He experimented with live music and visual performances, which lead him to directing his first film in 2005: the short Frigidaire, which combined stop motion and collage. He has worked on several projects and received many awards for his work, which include shorts and art films, commercials and music videos for musicians like Vinicio Capossela, John Mayer, Riva Starr, Blonde Redhead, and for brands like RAI, Valentino, Smythson, Bulgari, Fendi, Moncler, Fornasetti, Emergency, and the UN.