Internazionale.Doc Jury

Kamal Aljafari (Germany), director and artist of Palestinian origin, also teaches directing at Berlin’s DFFB. He participated at the 2009 TFF with Port of Memory and in 2015 with Recollection; in 2016, the Lussas Film Festival and the Cinémathèque Québecquoise dedicated a retrospective to him.


Ann Caroline Renninger (Germany), an eccentric and enthusiastic producer, collaborates with directors and artists such as Alexander Sokurov, René Frölke, Narimane Mari, Filipa César, Marta Popivoda, and Anna Marziano.


Gaël Teicher (France), untalented rugby player, decided to gradually become a producer (Achard, Vecchiali, Brisseau), distributor (Pollet, Ouedraogo, Alassane) and editor (Straub and Huillet, van der Keuken, Pollet, and again, Pollet).