Press accreditation and cameramen-photographers accreditation

The Torino Film Festival offers people involved in the film industry the possibility to request an accreditation, strictly personal and non­transferable, in line with their specific field of activity.

The accreditations will be issued according to the respective professional categories and their availability.

Submitting a request for accreditation does not guarantee the pass will be granted, and its emission remains at the unchallengeable discretion of the Torino Film Festival management.

Use of the accreditation implies acceptance of the Torino Film Festival regulations, available on the “Useful Information” page at the website and in the program; any violation of the regulations may result in confiscation of the accreditation pass.

Please remember that access to the screening rooms is forbidden to minors less than 18 years of age, unless otherwise and specifically indicated in the program alongside the title of the film.

Accreditation requests must be presented by NOVEMBER 5TH, 2018.

The price of the accreditation is 50.00 Euros, if paid online by November 5th. After this date, the pass will cost 55.00 Euros and payment may only be made when the accreditation is picked up during the Festival.

Should the request be withdrawn or the accreditation not collected, online payments will not be reimbursed.

Please note that spectators with still cameras, movie cameras or devices for making audio­visual recordings will be denied access to the projections.

In accordance with the SIAE norm, duplicate passes will not be issued in case of loss.

These accreditations are issued to journalists, freelance journalists, press offices, photographers and cameramen.

The Press accreditation grants access to all the screening rooms during the Festival, in accordance with the regulations.

The Cameraman-Photographers accreditation gives access to the Festival areas, including the screening rooms, but does not give access to the projections. Please note that spectators with still cameras, movie cameras or devices for making audio-visual recordings will be denied access to the projections.

The online form must be filled out to request a Press or Cameraman-Photographers accreditation.

During this procedure, you will be requested to upload an ID photo (Jpeg, maximum size 200 Kb), and a formal request written on the publication’s letterhead (Pdf file, maximum size 1 Mb), signed by the editor-in-chief or the desk editor.

After completing the procedure you will receive an e­mail confirming we have received your request. If the accreditation request is approved, you will receive an e­mail with a link that will let you confirm your request and, if desired, immediately pay for the accreditation.

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