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The Jury of TORINO 29 – Feature Film Competition of the 29 th Torino Film Festival, composed of Jerry Schatzberg (President, USA), Michael Fitzgerald (USA), Valeria Golino (Italy),

Brillante Mendoza (Philippines), Hubert Niogret (France), awards the following prizes:


Best Film (20.000€) to:

Á ANNAN VEG / EITHER WAY by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson

(Iceland, 2011, DCP, 84’)  


Special Jury Award  ex-aequo (Total of 8.000 €) to:

17 FILLES / 17 RAGAZZE by Delphine and Muriel Coulin

(France, 2011, 35mm, 90’)


TAYEB, KHALAS, YALLA / OK, ENOUGH, GOODBYE by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia

(UAE/Lebanon, 2011, HDCam, 93’)


Best Actress Award, in collaboration with «Max», to:

RENATE KRÖSSNER for VERGISS DEIN ENDE / WAY HOME by Andreas Kannengiesser     

(Germany, 2011, HD, 94’)


Best Actor Awards, in collaboration with «Max», to:


(UK, 2011, HD, 102’)




The Jury of INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARIES of the 29th Torino Film Festival, composed of Vincent Dieutre (France), Andréa Picard (Canada) and João Trabulo (Portugal) with the following introduction:

First of all, we want to emphasize the quality of the selection, in artistic choices as well as in the variety of origin – from recognized masters like Herzog and Scorsese to more experimental attempts, the selection represented a veritable panorama of today’s world in all its contradictions,

awards the following prize


Best Film (€ 7.000) to:


(France, 2011, DVCam, 84’)

For its strong aesthetic quality, the courage and tenacity of its activist message, and for its faith in the power of cinema to change the world.


Special Mention, to:

THE COLOR OF PAIN by Lee Kang-Hyun

(South Korea, 2010, HDCam, 136’)

For the intelligence and ambition of its vision of the world of work, for the power of its extremely modern meditation.




The Jury of ITALIANA.DOC, Italian Documentary Competition, of the 29th Torino Film Festival, composed of Françoise Lebrun (France), Sirkka Möller (Germany), Eugenio Renzi (Italy) awards the following prizes:


Best Film, in collaboration with Persol, (€ 7.000) to:

L’OROGENESI by Caldwell Lever

(Italy/USA, 2011, HDCam, 53’)

We wished to award the prize to an unprecedented and courageous entry on a subject unusual for documentary, and classic in scholarly texts: L’OROGENESI is striking for its ironic and serious treatment of the mythical birth of Italian civilization. A revisiting of History through arbitrary but revealing fragments, it intelligently plays with archaism and anachronism in word and image. Playful insolence masterfully incarnated.


Special Jury Award (€ 3.000) to:

IL CASTELLO by Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti

(Italy, 2011, DigiBeta, 90’)

We have decided to give the special Jury Award to a film that enables us to look behind the scenes of an institution that most of us think we know. With rigor and curiosity, the directors stick to their clear cinematographic vision and chosen structure. Their long takes that were shot throughout one year uncovers the microcosm of the airport and its people of those who just pass through and of those who are always there.


Special Mention, to

FREAKBEAT by Luca Pastore

(Italy, 2011, DigiBeta, 90’)

We want to mention FREAKBEAT for the revival, the humour of a disappeared world, where hopes were so different and freedom seemed to be possible.




The Jury of ITALIANA.CORTI, Italian Short Film Competition, of the 29th Torino Film Festival composed of Yuri Ancarani (Italy), Alice Rohrwacher (Italy) and Carlo Michele Schirinzi (Italy), given that the Turin Film Festival has traditionally been attentive to and supportive of the work of research, believing that the foundation of this research is the courage to choose, to dig up the necessary image and take a position, awards the following prizes:


Best Film (€ 5.000) to:

VIA CURIEL 8 by Mara Cerri and Magda Guidi

(France, 2011, DigiBeta, 10’)

Form and content pull at one another, sucking us into their mystery. Is it déjà vu?


Special Jury Award Kodak Short Film Award (€ 5.000, in film stock) to:


(France, 2011, Betacam, 25’)

Transparent in its confusion, real in its inadequacy.


Special Mention to:


(Italy, 2011, DigiBeta, 6’)

A painful and beautiful arrow, piercing our memory.







The Jury of the CIPPUTI AWARD composed of Francesco Tullio Altan (Italy), Francesca Comencini (Italy) and Riccardo Iacona (Italy) awards the following prize:


Best Film About Working World, to:

LE VENDEUR by Sébastien Pilote 

(Canada, 2011, 35mm, 107’)

In a piece about the First World, whose motor suddenly stopped, workers stay home and no longer sell their products. In a small town in the depths of Québec, covered day and night by a thick layer of snow, Sébastien Pilote makes us experience the most serious crisis of capitalism through the eyes and heart of a single extraordinary character, an elderly car salesman – a symbol of the industrial revolution, the oldest and best of them all. In the emotional derangement that overwhelms the salesman, we recognize all the labors and adjustments in the sense of the value of labor that were imposed by the crisis: what fills the affective void, what you lose and never thought you would, what kills you, what saves you...


SPAZIO TORINO / Short Film Competition for directors born or living in Piedmont


Chicca Richelmy Award for the Best Film (€ 2.500; offered by Association Chicca Richelmy) in collaboration with “La Stampa”- “Torino Sette” – Achille Valdata Award, to:


(Italy, 2011, DigiBeta, 9’)

For the esthetic taste and the choice to create a complete work.  


                                                                  FIPRESCI AWARD


The Jury of the FIPRESCI AWARD (International Film Critics Prize) of the 29th Torino Film Festival, composed of Emanuel Levy (USA), Jean-Marie Mollo Olinga (Cameroon) and Piero Spila (Italy), awards the following prize:

Best Film Torino 29, to:

LE VENDEUR by Sébastien Pilote

(Canada, 2011, 35mm, 107’)

An important film set in the heart of Québec, against the background of the current financial crisis. The main protagonist is the frozen snow that seems always to be blocking people, feelings, and things.

The film represents with limpidity of imagination and rigor of narrative the delusion of a man who believes he can save himself on his own, protected by the System and at the mercy of its unavoidable rules.


                                                                  COLLATERAL AWARDS 



The Jury of the HOLDEN SCHOOL AWARD FOR THE BEST SCREENPLAY from Torino 29, composed of the students of the two-year course in writing and story-telling, awards the following prize:

Best Screenplay Award – Torino 29, to:

Á ANNAN VEG / EITHER WAY by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson

(Iceland, 2011, DCP, 84’)  

An essential and Becket-like film, that balances on a centerline drawn from nothing to nothing in the Icelandic desert populated by female ghosts.  








The Jury of the ACHILLE VALDATA AWARD composed of 20 readers of “Torino Sette” awards the following prize:

Best Film – Torino 29, to:

50/50 by Jonathan Levine

(USA, 2011, 35mm, 99’)

For the ability of the authors in telling a difficult story, with the right balance between drama and comedy.



The Jury of AVANTI! AWARD (Agenzia Valorizzazione Autori Nuovi Tutti Italiani), composed of Chiara Boffelli, Fiammetta Girola, Davide Lantieri – has seen the films in the sections italiana.doc, italiana.corti and Spazio Torino. It proposes the following film for the AVANTI!AWARDDistribution, of films awarded in Cinema d’Essai, curated by Lab 80 Film:

IL CASTELLO by Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti

(Italy, 2011, 90’)

For its ability to capture a mostly inaccessible reality through a rigorous yet always compelling style.



The Jury of UCCA (Unione Circoli Cinematografici Arci) composed of Mauro Brondi, Francesca Panebianco, Federico Cano Correa,

This year the jury dedicates the prize to the Museum of Resistance, Deportation, War, Rights, and Freedom, currently at risk of closure, and awards

VENTI CITTÀ AWARD - Distribution of the winning documentary in at least 20 cities at film clubs and UCCA affiliated cinemas, to:

FERRHOTEL by Mariangela Barbanente

(Italy, 2011, Digibeta, 73’)

For the portrayal of the experience of immigration into our country, showing aspects of struggle, resistance, and social redemption, and for the moving gaze that delicately delves into the characters’ intimacies.

The jury also confers two Special Mentions with the commitment to offer programming of these works within the national network of UCCA clubs:


BAD WEATHER by Giovanni Giommi

(Germany/UK, 2011, HDCam, 82’)

For the attention given to a small village where women reclaim the right to a life of dignity.


UN MITO ANTROPOLOGICO TELEVISIVO by Maria Helene Bertino, Dario Castelli and Alessandro Gagliardo

(Italy, 2011, Betacam, 54’)

For the visible unveiling of a real world that is otherwise lost.



The Jury of the BASSAN ARTS & CRAFTS AWARD composed of Massimo Ghini, Cinzia Lo Fazio, Marco Risi, awards the following prize:


BASSAN ARTS & CRAFTS AWARD - Prize for Best Production Design, awarded by the Italian Production Designer and Costume Designer Association(€ 3.000), to:


Production Designer of Attack the block by Joe Cornish (France/UK, 2011, 35mm, 88’)

Despite having to contend with location shooting, we see in this project the desire to execute a precise aesthetic style based on the accurate choice of architectural forms in outdoor environments, and by the use of alternating bands of green and red in the interior decor. The set designer’s work shows the desire not to go overboard in the use of colors or exaggerated forms, and the careful characterization of the indoor environments in the choice of furnishings.  The result is a perfect synthesis of the entire art department - set design, cinematography, and costumes – all of which, the critical viewer can clearly see, followed a well-defined chromatic theme.








The Jury of the GANDHI’S GLASSES AWARD composed of Cristina Balzano, Giorgio Barazza, Dario Cambiano, Laura Operti, Marco Scarnera, awards the following prize:

GANDHI’S GLASSES AWARD - Best movie representation of a Gandhi-like vision of the world, to


VERGISS DEIN ENDE / WAY HOME  by Andreas Kannengiesser

(Germany, 2011, 35mm, 94’)

For the ability of representing the capacity of overcoming the interpersonal conflicts and the social conventions through empathy, solidarity, free commitment without prejudices; for the cohesion and the balance of the direction and for the introspective softness given by the interpreters.


Special Mentions, to

CONDITION by Andrei Severny

(USA, 2011, HDCam, 70’)

For the attention dedicated to the relationship as cure and for the search of integration between humanity and nature.


INTO THE ABYSS by Werner Herzog

(USA, 2011, DCP, 106’)

For approaching the theme of the death penalty and the violence of the prisons with sobriety, witnessing the absolute value of life.







A special thanks to those who have supported the Torino Film Festival:

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities  - Film Head Office

Piedmont Region, City of Torino and Province of Torino

With the support of: Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT.

Main Sponsors: Intesa San Paolo, Lancia.

Sponsors: Persol and Martini & Rossi.

Cultural Partners: Rai, Teatro Regio Torino, Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, Associazione Chicca Richelmy, Xké? Il laboratorio della curiosità, Giardino d’inverno, La Cinémathèque Française, Piemonte dal vivo, Contemporaryart. 

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